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Four Humors 18C Watercolour Life Drawing Set

  • $45.00

A set of 4 Hand-made watercolour cakes, prepared by Wallace Seymour, with historic pigments, gum arabic, gum tragancanth & honey. Formed by hand and left to air dry into small round discs.

The colours in this set have been specially selected for their use in life drawing/painting.

The set has been named "The Fours Humors", based on ancient medical theories surrounding the human temperament - very apt for colours designed for painting portraits.

No. 1 - "Blood" - Provence Red Ochre
No. 2 - "Yellow Bile" - Provence Yellow Ochre
No. 3 - "Black Bile" - Vine Black
No. 4 - "Phlegm" - Sarti White